Skiing day

Wake up. The sun has already risen up but I’m still in bed. Today alarm was turned off to take a relaxed morning and still quite early because sleeping is not for mornings. Had a few days off to rest and today I’m ready to go to skiing. I miss skiing even if I haven’t skied for only some days. Taking morning coffee, making breakfast, geting ready cameras and deciding where to start today. It’s April but yeasterday was snowing. A lot of great snow is on the mountains so we must go!

We decided to start on Matterhorn Express and going to Trockener Steg (there is two points from the village where you can go up in the mountain and this is the one that is a bit farer from our home but straight to the top). App said that Trockener Steg is windy. There was some wind but still was possible to go to Italy and as we haven’t been together on Italy and it’s great and sunny day – we are going to Italy!

First slopes on Italy were with a lot of people, fresh snow was in pumps and I couldn’t stop thinking about that where the hell are we going… and why… We wanted to ski the longest run – about 20km long. In the middle the slope were closed and wasn’t ready for skiing.. A lot of fresh snow and probably big possibility for avalanches (in spring time and also when here is snowing a lot in one time, avalanches are often but service is great and no one is in danger).We went skiing off-piste right next to slope. He was skiing in front as he have more experience and I’m really new in powder skiing. The view was beautiful – from Italy side you can see wide view with mountains that are far away. 1D2A5807There are some clouds but they are just giving even better view. You can just watch end enjoy. Love the view.

When I am skiing in powder (especially with my wide skies),I ‘m feeling like I’m water skiing. Just the same feeling. Snow was so deep, first time I went into that deep poweder with skies! Skiing, enjoying view and he is trying to ski to that slope where is closed. He is in front. I just now the way where he went and suddenly I’m in the snow. Face and head in the snow, don’t know about anything else but just got sceard a lot, got shock, panic and everything. First time I felt in powder. Don’t know what happened, don’t know what to do, he is away and probably even don’t know that I felt. Panic and scared. Got out of snow and saw that my skies are about 2 metres above me. Few minutes ago I saw guy go felt and lost his skies in powder and I couldn’t understand why it’s so hard for him to find them. Now I understood. I can see skies, I can see that I was there – I felt there – and it’s only about 2 metres. I almost can touch them. But I can’t. I’m trying to move but I’m falling deeper and deeper in snow and not moving at all. And I need to get my skies! I took my pole and trying to touch skies with that. It moved a bit and I’m hitting my ski and getting in my hands. Then the other one. Other one is on side so I need to move a bit to hit the ski down. And after three hits it is also in my hands. Still in shock and panic, canno’t understand anything, couldn’t even think if I can out my skies on on this snow but I just did it. I see the slope right next to me but I’m not sure if I can get there. “That is safe, I am right next to slope. I can see people and everyone. Everything is going to be okay.” I tryed to remind myself all the time even if I felt that I am shaking. Skied on slope and thought that I am not going back on off-piste.

Few metres skied on slope and understand that I need to stop and sit and get calm. And I need to find him or call him. I can see that he is where we were supposted to go. He is on the top on the hill and I am down. He is waving with pole and I’m waving back so he knows that everything is okay. He probably don’t know that I just felt and what emocional state am I but I need to meet him and he can see that I canno’t go up the hill. So he skied down. Everything was okay again, he helped and we are taking chairlift to go back from that place and ski where we wanted to ski.

We went to left side to Valtournenche. As I alreday said the slope was closed but with great frozen base and powder till knees. Again I can see this beautiful view and slope is quite flat so you need to ski where someone has already skied. We are skiing down, just I can feel how is this snow. It is soft. Really soft, smooth and dry. And everywhere I look around snow is shining. Like small, small brilliants that are shining in the sun. This is so beautiful.

We stop. To right side some skiers has skied there. I’m not sure about that so we are going still where is the slope. We need to walk over the flat part to ski again. And it looks so beautiful! IMG_8349.JPGSuddenly I can feel so much happiness in me. I can see my closest person, he is on skies, we are sking, we are skiing together, we are in Italy, we are exploring some new place with fresh snow, the weather is great, view is even better and I’m just in love with everyting!

We are skiing down on the slope and are going for some Italian pizza. I really like that one Italian pizzeria and there is cheap prices for pizzas in Italy! Everything is about 3 times cheaper. So why not pizza? Great day needs great pizza!

As everyone who goes from Zermatt to Cervinia needs to return before lifts are closed, we started to go back to Zermatt. Need to take 4 chairlifts from cafe to Italy – Switzerland border. With the last lift we are going into the cloud. As it got a bit cloudier, I thought that everywhere clouds and wind is comming. On the border you cannot see anything – visibility isn’t the best. Canno’t see few metres foward and also not the slope. I can feel that slope is icey. That’s it. But we need to move. And we are moving. Skiing down, getting out of clouds and there is sunny again – bright sunny day and nothing really shows about wind or not propered weather. Just few clouds exacly where we were.

Day is countinuing great and we are skiing down. Had new experiance today and just great day off. I’m really sceard of everthing. Not only on mountain. I’m really scared and that’s all in my mind. I need to fight with that – this is my biggest fight now. I need to do despite of my fears. I need to show myself that I can and there isn’t any problems to do anything. Anything is possible. Keeping fighting with my fears.


Do all the best,

Elina Ketty Nolle.



Laime atnāk pati. Visnegaidītākajā brīdī, sarežģītākajā situācijā. Laime atnāk un skatās, cik daudz esi gatavs darīt, lai cīnītos par to. Tas nav stāsts par to, ka tā atnāk un ir. Tas ir stāsts par to, ka tā ir jāizcīna.

Pagājušais gads liekas visspilgtākais. Cik sarežģīti var būt un cik negaidīti var viss mainīties. Pilnīgi neticās. Bet, ja tagad to esmu pamanījusi, kad viss bija tik sarežģīti un grūti, tad gan jau ir arī bijis kāds vieglākais ceļš? Ir bijušas vēl vieglākas reizes, kuras nav bijušas tik uzkrītošas. Interesanti cik un kad? Un kad esmu izdarījusi pareizu izvēli, kad esmu nogājusi no ceļa? Tā vienmēr ir bijusi mana izvēle un rīcība. Vienmēr apkārt ir pilns ar izvēlēm, tikai ar savu rīcību nonāku pie tās, kuru vēlos. Citreiz tas var būt vieglāks ceļš, citreiz grūtāks. Atkarīgs no tā, cik tuvu tad ir bijusi tieši mana “laimīte” un cik ilgi, un kā ir vajadzējis to saukt šurp. Bet vienmēr rīcība. Jāizdomā mērķis un jādara. Tad nokļūšu. Ja nenokļūšu, tad iegriezīšos jaunā ceļā. Cik tas ir interesanti, ka vienmēr kaut kur nokļūšu. Nav ceļa bez galamērķa. Ja apstāšos – varu iekrist, bet, ja turpināšu, varu nonākt virsotnē. Izvēle ir katra paša ziņā.


Do all the best,

Elina Ketty Nolle


It’s again snowing outside. Everything is getting whiter and whiter. Also the trees. How much I love white trees with snow! That give me one of the best feeling in the world – happiness. It’s the most beautiful way how to see and feel winter as real winter wonderland. It just make me unbelievable happy.


This is just a small thing but can give me so wonderful and strong feelings. What are the things that make people happy? Do they always need to be important and big one or is it enough with the little happy things? How do people can keep their happiness everyday?

I think that there are a lot of things that can make people happy. For easier understanding I can put them in two groups “the little happy things” and “the big happy things”. For each person it could be different but that’s how I can try to write about them.

About “the big happy things” I could include things that everyone is trying to get to be happy. Setting goals and dreams, self improvement, relationships with people around and everything that you need to work really hard for , need to improve and be thankful. These things are giving you happiness for a long term and keep you moving all your life. You are setting a goal or a dream for yourself. Then you will work really hard to get it and to have that happiness that is waiting for you there. You’re keeping forward because you want to be happy. All the movement for you is to get your happiness as you want. And when you will get there, you will achieve your goal, you will be really happy, thinking how great it is, appreciate all your hard work and everything that you have done to have it and be there having your big dream. That will be at the beginning. Because it is not he end and the goal. If you want to keep yourself happy, you need to have another dream, improve what you already have or other way what you want to do and what to fight for. You will get used to happiness and the value will fall down. You won’t feel great but just normal and staying at the same point all the time.

All the way happiness is following your action. If you would like to draw it on the paper, it is like mathematical graph where x is equal y. On the graph you can see that they both are growing, going down or staying on the place. So if your work goals is x and your happiness is y, they are following each other and you cannot stop neither of them.

People never have enough, in our natural habits we need to do something all the time. We need to think, do and have around people that make emotions and feelings for us. Great or not so great but that is what keep us living. We are moving through them  as we want to make our life as we want and how it make us happy. It’s each choice what we want and how to get it but way how we’re feeling to achieve and when we achieve it is the same. We all are the same for feelings. But in different ways.

As for “the little happy things” I can find a lot of easy happiness. These little things give you power, moving forward and keeping you happy everyday no matter what at the moment when you’re recognising them. Great coffee in the morning, smiling people, careless kids, slowly falling snowflakes, sound of nature, beautiful view… There are so many beautiful and nice things in everyday life that you need to see, stop and feel. Feeling all that will just make you happy and strong. Happiness give you power, it is like pushing you forward and forward. Find these little things and you will see how beautiful is everyday! You have only this moment. Only this moment is the right one to stop and be happy because there won’t be right time where you will be unlimited happy at one point. Need to be happy all the way. Right now.

Keep setting dreams and be happy!

Do all the best,

Elina Ketty Nolle



My name is Elina Ketty. This is the first post of my blog so I’m gonna be telling about why, what and how.


I like to challenge myself so I decided to start writing a blog. I used to have a blog. Wrote not regularly but for quite time. But still published not so much of that what actually I had written. There was a lot more. As I’m keeping writing for myself all the time, and some people may like some of my thoughts or at least I what to write and that the words go farther away than just my computers folder. I want to speak out louder and give my opinion, experience and maybe some new thoughts that can help some one to find their own way.

I’m writing  all the time when I have time. Sounds not so good but it is like that. I’m doing or at least trying to do a lot of things, I like to keep them not only in my mind but also in photos and words. When I have a lot of emotions, I can express myself only in writing. I’m really bad at talking with others and helping with my opinion but I can think and write, thats the way how it’s easier for me to solve some problems or improve myself.

I would like to share what I think and how I think. Mostly thats just some situation from  life, what I see there, how I feel, what it made me thinking about and a bit analysis about why, what could happen and some questions to myself.

This is how I keep my thoughts and feelings. This is how I express myself.


I believe that all the time you need to make new challenges for yourself to grow your personality. This one – writing a blog and publishing – is also a big challenge for me.

I will not only share my thoughts, emotions and experiences but also will let in my inner world. It will be hard for me but I have nothing to lose – I will try, I will get new experience so I will win! 

Definitely benefits for writing blog is that I will improve my English. That is one more thing that I need, have to and like to do – improve my English. I’m writing in English however my mother tongue is Latvian. It’s a big step because I’m used to write all my thoughts and finding the right word for situation and what I would like to say in Latvian. But will see, anyway that will be improvement for me so I’m happy for that.

Keeping in mind that I need to challenge myself all the time –  every morning and moment of the day. Only challenges will keep me improving!


I’m not the best with all this design and everything because I never know what I want… I can say if it is pretty, good or I like it but I can’t just find out from the blank how I want it. So it’s hard to find how I like. But for a while, it will stay like this – with mountains and probably my motto: “SEE, STOP & ENJOY!”.

As I said, I’m writing for myself and trying to get a bit louder. Mostly thoughts from me comes from situations where I found something that calls me up or gives a lot of emotions.

Do all the best,

Elina Ketty Nolle